I Cannot Teach Anybody Anything…


“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”

Educator open the door, but the students must enter by their self. teacher teach because they care and the essence of teaching is to make learning. Teachers can help them learn, but they have to be receptive, and willing to adopt the knowledge that a educator imply to their mind. The best thing that the teachers can do is try to motivate them to achieve their goal. teachers just only give the ideas but the student should think the next possible step that they should acquire for them to achieve their aims/ goal in life.
” I cant make you listen or learn, I can only hope”

Vision it Out w/ Gail S. Montero

I Cannot Teach Anybody Anything...

Have you ever envisioned your VISION?
Have you ever thought of your MISSION?
Did it ever come to you identifying both?

Goals and Objectives … have you had a list of your own?
If you are to teach, can this be something easy to bring to your students’ minds?

“The Art of Teaching” … just what you think is it?
Congratulations for bringing yourself to this world!
Congratulations for venturing to this idea :
“that you want to be a teacher!”

In layman’s mind, it’s never really difficult “to teach”
but if you have to consider “the art of teaching”
here is where a teacher of the 21st Century should make the difference.

And so YOU, yes YOU…
start defining these few details now…
What are your Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives in life?
We can never lead others to discovery
if we cannot discover these answers for our own…

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